Switch to Securi-Com

Securi-Com of Canton is dedicated to keeping you happy and secure, whether or not you are an existing customer. If you are unhappy with your current service provider then we may be able to help. There is often no charge to switch, and you can use your existing home alarm system’s equipment.

All of our highly trained technicians are part of our tight-knit family-structured business and will help ensure your security system is able to protect your family the way we protect ours. Extensive background checks and ongoing training are standard. We are a local business backed by over 40 years of experience serving NE Ohio area burglar and fire alarm systems. We service all brands of equipment from Honeywell, Ademco, DSC, GE and more. If you have an alarm system from another company that is old, not working, or you are just unhappy with service we can help as well. Call 330-497-4001 for help today! Email us here or call for any reason:

  • Questions about how to switch your system to us
  • Changing your keypad codes
  • Testing your system monthly
  • System service and repair
  • Lightning damage
  • Upgrades and system expansion
  • Moving into a new home
  • False alarm issues
  • Backup battery replacement

I know that you have heard of other companies that offer systems promising “No salesman will call on you.” Well, they say that because they simply have no sales representatives. In fact, some alarm companies are just internet companies with no support staff in the NE Ohio area — no physical location, no office, warehouse or service vehicles. In fact, some are not even listed in the phone book!

Some alarm companies offer systems that are not any more sophisticated than a portable alarm clock. It’s referred to as a plug-in system. Well, the burglar can simply unplug it! At Securi-Com we do not sell toy alarm systems. Our systems are professional grade and are monitored via your standard phone line, internet or cellular service. We offer a professional system supported by Securi-Com technicians right here in Northeast Ohio. Our monitoring station is right here in town.

We believe our size is our advantage. When you choose Securi-Com, we make it our mission to get to know you and learn about your specific needs. You’ll never be just a number to us. And when you call Securi-Com, you will talk to a person, not a computer. You will not be asked to press one and wait. You will simply talk to a person.

Out of town monitoring stations really don’t know Canton from Cleveland. We know the area, the cities and our customers. Our customers are given the personal attention that home and business security protection requires. You’re not just an account number with Securi-Com.

You can be sure that if you are looking for security protection backed by a local company with a long proven track record, Securi-Com is your best choice.