Total Connect 2.0

What can Total Connect do?

  • Arm and check the status of your security system
  • Receive and view security-related events
  • Disarm and silence your system
  • Multiple account capability—great for vacation homes, investment properties or franchises
  • Bypass a door for unscheduled maintenance or service
  • Control garage or warehouse doors
  • Turn lights on and off remotely or create schedules to make an empty home look occupied

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Total Connect Home screen

Remote Control

Secure your home from anywhere, at any time for endless peace of mind.

Total Connect voice activactionVoice Activated

Use your voice to control your security system and more for a cool interaction.


Receive geofence arming reminders if your security system is left disarmed, so you can take immediate action.

History & Event Access

Review the history of events that occurred to stay in the know.

Home Automation

Control lights, locks, temperature and more for optimal comfort and safety.

Camera Monitoring

See, hear and record what happens at your premises for increased awareness.

Apple Watch arming security systemApple Watch

Total control from your watch.